"Integrated Flying Bridge

AbrasiveJet System"

Flow Robotics - Flying Bridge

    Flow Robotics - "Flying Bridge"

  • Cutting Table 6 ft x 12 ft ** Accuracy ± 0.003 inches
  • Traverse Speed 500 ipm ** Repeatability ± 0.002 inches
  • Contouring Speed 300 ipm ** Control System FlowMaster®
  • Z-axis 10 inches ** Cutting Pressure 60,000 psi
  • Integrated Pump ** 50 Horsepower

  • Close cutting tolerances allow the waterjet to produce intricate shapes such as these.

    Interlocked Shape Interlocked Shape

    The advantage of the cold cutting waterjet makes the manufacture of thin and complex components very easy.

    Pump Plate Tube Sheet

    Cold cutting waterjet also means there are no external stresses or edge hardening introduced into the material. Virtually any material may be shaped with this process, as it does not rely on heat or electric arc to cut the materials. Therefore materials can be easily cut including ceramic, stainless steels, glass, plastics, wood, laminates, alloys, hardened tool steel, stone etc.

    Stainless Steel Rose Array Various Materials
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